Sertronics as your partner!
The major brands from the IT, consumer electronics and white goods sectors have chosen and trust Sertronics to be their service provider. After sales and service packages are built to suit the specific requirements or our clients.

Each year over 950,000 jobs are handled and processed by our 880 co-workers. The services provided to insurer, retailer and manufacturer clients are as follows:

- Delivery and installation services
- Hotline / technical support
- Repairs onsite / workshop
- Hardware treatment / refurbishment
- Modular reworks
- Replacement and distribution of accessories
- Management and coordination of recalls and major failure programs

The scale of our network means that we are able to offer our services European wide to a pre-defined standard and quality.  This for both repairs and installation / delivery services.  This means that our clients can have one source of after sales service which for them is both easier to manage and lower in cost.


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A winning team
"If you do not think about the future, you will not have one." During the European wide orientation of Sertronics its management has been led by this motto.
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